The List You Need for 2013

It’s that wonderful time of year where we are inundated with lists recounting the failures and successes of the previous 365 days, the most important whatevers to look out for in the coming twelve months, and all sorts of other top 10s, 20s, or 100s. It can get a bit difficult to sort through them all. To save you a bit of time, we wanted to pass on this extremely useful guide to what the creators of the content are calling, “The Year of the Customer.” It’s 6 key marketing trends for 2013. Additionally, we’ll layer onto three of their key points how their advice applies to your Hispanic shoppers and clients. Silverpop’s outstanding deck will be something you’ll want to keep around the entire year. Be sure to share it with all your marketing teams. Watch the videos, absorb the content, read the case studies, and seriously consider implementing their advice when you look out over the year 2013.   Continue reading


A Profitable Private Label

It’s widely reported that brand loyalty is quite strong among US Hispanics and quality is often associated with brand-name products, but a Florida discount pharmacy has launched the first bilingual private label. How will this impact purchasing decisions of millions of Hispanic shoppers? Continue reading

50 Years of Broadcasting Dominance

In many ways the story—and success—of Univision closely tracks with that of the Hispanic American community over the last fifty years. Univision came up a lot last fall during the election for their “Meet the Candidate” forums. However, for many working in and with Hispanic brands and shoppers, Univision has been top of mind for a very long time. In this entertaining and insightful article, you’ll gain an understanding of where the company has been and, more importantly, where its headed. Continue reading

Is “hey” enough?

Okay, this will be the last article dealing with the election, we promise. However, we just had to share this incredibly interesting article from Bloomberg Businessweek regarding the massive success of President Obama’s quirky donation request e-mail subject lines. It’s a must-read and must-share for anyone who works on e-mail marketing campaigns. Continue reading

Election Wrap Up

That was quite an election we just had—to say the very least. Regardless of who you were hoping to win, you were treated to lots of drama and excitement. Those of us in the Hispanic marketing and advertising industry were particularly pleased to see the influence of US Hispanics being reported across the country. Continue reading

Sounds Delicioso: Nuevo Latino

To say that food and meals are important to Hispanic Americans is a bit of an understatement. It’s easy to find all sorts of studies and findings that talk about how highly freshness, quality, and nutrition are prioritized by Hispanic shoppers. We’re happy to report on a trend you’ll likely be seeing in your local grocery stores and restaurants—if you haven’t already taken part in it yourselves. While culinary “fusion” has been on the rise recently (Korean tacos anyone?) we want to focus on one particular aspect of that exciting change in tastes and flavors. That trend is Nuevo Latino fare. Continue reading